Lang’s Bowlarama
Good times since 1960
“When in doubt, bowl”  - Rene Descartes 
(17th Century French philosopher and dedicated Wednesday night league bowler)

Open Bowling: Come bowl!  We’ve got great lane conditions (see below), a fun atmosphere and a great staff to help give you some tips.  Our goal is for you to leave smiling and come back often.  Want to make the experience more fun? Set up a private or group lesson; with a few tips your score will shoot up.  Also, don’t be shy to ask our lane attendants for tips.  Most of them are great bowlers.

Leagues:  Since 1960 we have been serious about league bowling, hosting the pro tour at the tour’s height in the late 1970s.  We offer a wide variety of league options and times.  For more information contact our ace league coordinator Denis Leveilee (he’s been at Lang’s since 1973, so trust us, Denis KNOWS league bowling!) at 401.944.0500.

Kids:  We love kids and kids love bowling.  It is physical, fun, safe and a big ball crashes into pins!  We also offer great bowling parties, so check out the Events and Party section.

Lane conditions:  Put simply, our general manager, Carl DeRosa, is the Michael Jordan of bowling mechanics: in a class by himself and tirelessly commited to perfection!  We took our center back over this past summer after decades under corporate management and there was heaps of work to be done, but Carl is quickly getting us back up to world class status.  To top it off, we added a Kegel Walker state-of-the-art, robotic lane oiling machine.

Lang’s Bowlarama 225 Niantic Ave., Cranston, RI 02907 401.944.0500

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